about us

The Spin Summit is a Colorado Flow Arts Retreat::

beautiful location . quality instruction . global community
epic spin experience . yoga . healers . live art . music . vendors . & more

Fostering positive community connection, movement exploration & growth are core values to the Spin Summit.


Expand your boundaries & explore space with various props (ie: hoops, mini hoops, poi, contact staff, double staff, dragon staff, buggeng S staff, flow wand, long string flow wand, fans, rope dart, flags, contact juggling, club manipulation, ball juggling, club juggling, shapes, hand stands/acrobatics, acroyoga, yoga, breakdance, bellydance, aerial fabrics, lyra, cyr wheel, and more!


The format for this educational conference is dedicated to the infastructure of instructors, muscians, artists, volunteers, enriching participant experiences by incorporating community feedback to provide the ultimate Colorado spin experience.

Spin Summit began in July 2011 at 8,888ft in Granby, Colorado at Snow Mountain Ranch. In June 2012, we relocated to La Foret Conference and Retreat Center in Black Forest, Colorado - where we have remained for 2013, 2014, and 2015. Please join us in 2016 for year 6 (dates to be announced) at La Foret Conference and Retreat Center in Black Forest, Colorado. The event began with under 60 people and has grown to 200+.



Educational and Intentional Art

Collaboration with Neural Patterns Deco (Detroit, Michigan)

The SPIN CUBE is an intentional and educational piece of live art. First created during the Spin Summit 2012 as a live art piece with a major focus on education for spinners. The Spin Summit is the organization that brought the Spin Cube to life. The design and concept was envisioned by Kanyon Walker, the string art and construction was done by Lizzard Griffin of Neural Patterns Deco, and the project was funded by The Spin Summit.


Each color of string follows a different pattern (flowers, anti-spin, box mode). The 9 squares can be used as educational and expressive guides of movement and pathways for your prop. Amazing in the daytime and at night. The Spin Cube was also seen at Sonic Bloom 2012, Apogaea 2012, The Spin Summit 2013, The Spin Summit 2014, The Spin Summit 2015. Contact us if you have interest in having the Spin Summit bring our Spin Cube to your event.


Donations Accepted!! Become a SPONSOR today!!!

Please donate funds to help keep the spin cube alive. She has continuous wood frame and string repair, as well as storage and transportation cost needs. We appreciate any and all donations to this incredible project.