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When is the Spin Summit?

The next Spin Summit will be in Spring 2016. May 12-15th, 2016!! Save the date!

The last event (year 5) was Thursday April 30 to Sunday May 5, 2015.

Start off your spin season and take your skills to a new level. Elevate your knowledge.

When should I arrive in Colorado?

We recommend out of state attendees arrive in Colorado early enough to allow your body time to acclimate to the elevation. Many people arrive Tuesday or Wednesday. This also gives you the advantage of meeting some locals at a weekly community jam on Wednesday from 8-11pm at the Boulder Circus Center (4747 N.26th Street, Boulder, Colorado). Participate in a grand tradition! If weather permits, we do an outdoor summit spin jams with local community the week of/before the event.


The event begins Thursday:

Volunteer, Instructor, Arist, Musician Check-In is at 8AM (or confirm early arrival)

Participant Check-in on Thursday begins at 11AM.

All participants must sign in and sign a waiver before receiving a wrist band.


What Airport do I fly into?

We recommend the Denver International Airport (DIA), 1.5 hrs away from the venue, as most of our administrative and volunteer teams are located in the Golden/Boulder/Denver area.

The Colorado Springs Airport is 40 minutes from the venue.


The Spin Summit is not responsible for organizing transportation for participants or instructors. We do our best with help of local volunteers to provide assistance with carpooling. We do encourage community connection and carpooling with other spinners. If you have the ability to rent your own car, please do, and consider helping being a carpool driver.


When should I depart the venue?

All official event activities conclude on Sunday. We ask that you get all of your belongings out of the cabins and yurts between before Noon. Getting your gear out of cabins does not mean you have to leave the venue, in fact - please get your stuff in your car and then go to more workshops! Simply know that the cleaning staff needs everyone out of the cabins and yurts on Sunday morning. Be respectful of the venue please. Please help with clean up. Pack out what you brought in. Do not leave your items behind. The event is not responsible for any lost items. A renegade raffle may occur with any lost and found items. Depart the property before sunset.


When should I depart Colorado?

If you are visiting the state, we recommend you stay after the event and check out Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs. Another great adventure is driving to the top of Pikes Peak, the highest paved road in the country, to experience what it is like to spin at 14,000+ feet and be on the top of the world! The air is thin up here, be sure to drink plenty of extra water. Stay hydrated!


There is a tradition to soak in the Hot Sulfur Springs the Tuesday after the event. This is done renegade style and we encourage carpooling.

What IS the Spin Summit?

The Spin Summit is a multi day spin retreat filled with instructors and participants from around the world. All levels are welcome! Beginners to advanced spinners will benefit from the Spin Summit education and experience. Participants commute or sleep in cabins, yurts, or tents. Meal plans are optional. Daily workshops, labs, forum discussions, healers, play time, open jams, performances, live art, and more, provide ample opportunity to expand your current skill set and explore new props in a positive container for growth, tucked away in the Colorado pine trees within sight of a 14,000 foot peak.


Leading up to the Spin Summit, join us for our monthly summit spin jams, where we hike and spin props along the Colorado front range. Take your spinning to new elevations. Immerse yourself in art and expand your connection with yourself, your prop, and your community. Learn about a variety of flow arts and props in workshops, jams, and play. Meet people from around the world. Enjoy Colorado and take time for yourself. Give yourself permission to play, learn, and grow.


Where is this Located?

We are in the Rocky Mountains, prepare accordingly. All seasons are possible in Colorado. Check out the packing list and come prepared.


The venue is:


Black Forest, Colorado


Who Attends?

This is an event intended for adults. The Spin Summit expects all participants to be respectful, mature, and responsible for their actions. Spinning families with small children may attend with special exception.


Join us!! Participate. Be Present. Volunteer. Donate. Vend. DJ. Paint. Teach. Share. Inspire. Create. Grow.


What does my ticket include?

The full retreat registration Includes: all workshops, overnight accommodations (cabin, yurt, or tent), option for a meal plan (meat inside dining hall or vegetarian through soltribe), snack table access, water/hydration station, option for a mini healing session (tips encouraged), option for professional photos (tips encouraged), community connections, vending village, world class instruction, multiple daily jams, labs, forums, exposure to live art and art installations, entrance to the public performance show, breathtaking photo and video opportunities, nature trails, a labyrinth, live art and more! Register for The Spin Summit now >>


What's the deal with food?


#1: Bring your own food. Pease bring as much food as you would like to eat throughout the event. Sharing is caring. There is one refridgerator in Ponderosa Lodge and there are two refridgerators inside the main indoor space Inglis Hall, available to all participants for food storage. Community food donations are welcome!

#2: Buy the venue meat meal plan, served daily in the venue's cafeteria that overlooks the large spin field. There is an outdoor balcony with a view of Pikes Peak. Food is served buffet style for 45 minute blocks, as listed on the schedule. The venue kitchen staff is aware of our request for healthier, protien rich meals. Special dietary needs are provided to the kitchen staff two weeks prior to the event start and will be accommodated as best as possible. Although the food plan is optional, we highly recommend the meal plan for all active participants. Food plans must be purchased 2 weeks before the event. No food plans will be available to purchase on-site. Only people with meat meal plans will be allowed inside the dining hall this year. All vegetarian meals are done outside, through SolTribe Cafe. This helps keep the venue dining hall open only for people who pre-purchased meat meal plans. Let's keep the venue happy by being respectful.

#3: Buy meals through the local food vendors. Limited availability.

#4: All participants have access to the free snack table and hydration station (Run by Imagu Moon)


Is there Cell Phone service?

Yes, there is cell phone and internet service. The best locations for on site media are Inglis Hall and Ponderosa Lodge. The reception may be weak when away from these two buildings.


Is there Wi-Fi internet?

Yes, inside Inglis Hall and Ponderosa Lodge there is free Wi-Fi with no password. Easy access.


Who is Teaching and What are they Teaching?

The instructor line up varies each year. Check the Instructors page for updates. If there is someone you want to see teach at the Spin Summit, message us!


What is the Daily Schedule?

The schedule has multiple workshops of different props happening at the same time in different locations around the venue. Workshops are taught by professional flow artists from around the country. Bring your own props to the workshop, or borrow some from the instructor when possible. The schedule is filled with optional activities. Attend as many or as few of the things offered as you would like.The schedule will be available on-site when you arrive and posted in various locations around the venue. Subject to change.


Are Day Passes Available?

YES, day passes are available for each day. You may purchase a day pass for as many days as you would like to attend, including all if you plan to attend the entire retreat as a commuter (no lodging or meals). The full retreat ticket (with lodging) is recommended for the proper experience.


Can I reserve my ticket and pay later?

Yes, there is the option to purchase a $100 non-refundable, non-transferable deposit to guarantee your spot at the Spin Summit retreat. You have 90 days to pay the remainder of the ticket balance without penalty (or before 4 weeks prior to the event, whichever is applicable). You may pay the balance remainder in the 4 weeks prior to the event, or at the event check-in booth, with an additional $40 convience charge. It is important that payment is made Prior to attending the event. Any late balances will be charged 10% late fee..We want you to be there and will work with your needs to do payments. The first deposit payment registers you for the event, the remainder of your payments are made by paypal or check.


Where can I make a Donation to the Event?

Please send monetary donations via PayPal to Please contact us for details on other donations, such as time and/or materials.


Where can I set up a Photo Shoot?

Contact us by email before the retreat to set up a private photo shoot with Donald Searle Photography or the other photographers present at the event (if available).


Private Photo Session Package ~ regularly $175 (The Spin Summit attendees receive $50 off! This brings the session fee to $125), includes:
1-hour natural light photo session or eveing Fire or LED photo session, 10+ edited photographs with printing rights (use on website, promotional, marketing, etc)


Are Pets Allowed?

NO PETS allowed at the event. No cats, no dogs, no animals, no pets. This is the venue rule. The Spin Summit retreat is located at a venue that has requested no pets. This is unfortunate, as we do love the company of our animals, but need to respect the venue rules and regulations. Please prepare arrangements for your dog before arriving at the retreat.


Your four legged tail wagging creatures are always welcome on the monthly Summit Spin Jams and hikes. We often have participants bring their dogs. You take FULL responsibility and liability for your dog if you do choose to bring them along on a summit spin jam.


Other Questions??

Please contact us with any questions that were not covered here in the frequently asked questions.

PAcking LIst * Participant Info

This is an Indoor & Outdoor event in Colorado in May. Be prepared for All Seson Weather.

The Spin Summit is at 8,000 feet Elevation! Drink Water!

Pack All The Things!

* Your Props (Hoops, Poi, Contact Ball, Juggling Balls/Clubs, Flow Wand (Short/Long String), Contact Staff, Dragon Staff, Double Staffs, Rope Dart, Fans, Silks, Stilts, etc.
* LED props for evening jams and Spin Cube activations and late night DJ jams
* Fire props and fire safety needs for outdoor fire jams

* Sun protection
* Hat
* Sunglasses
* Headlamp or Flashlight
* Bandana or other blindfold for spinning
* Bug spray

* Personal items (toothbrush, toothpaste, contacts/solution, glasses, medications, etc)
* Ear plugs (This helps a lot to get a good nights rest in a group setting)
* Eye mask (Helpful for sleeping in group setting)

* Proper footwear (flip flops, hiking/gym shoes, etc)
* Pajamas
* Clothes for days of high altitude Colorado spring weather (i.e. LAYERS! Hats! Gloves!). Prepare for all weather conditions and temperatures - this means SUMMER and WINTER clothes. It gets chilly at night and warm during the day. Please check the weather for Black Forest, Colorado before packing. Be prepared to enjoy!
* Any Costume Clothes you may want to wear throughout the week (optional)
* Fire safe clothing if you plan to spin fire (optional)

* Pen and notebook to take notes and journal your experience/practice
* Phone and Charger (there is phone service)
* Camera, battery charger, upload cable
* Portable tripod
* IPod and Charger
* Computer if needed (there is limited wi-fi internet service around the venue)
* Swim Suit for hot springs adventures after the event
* Water Bottle - STAY HYDRATED!!! Drink more water than normal, we are at elevation!
* Hot Beverage Mug for coffee/tea (there is free hot chocolate and coffee/tea around the venue inside Ponderosa, Inglis, and the Dining Hall)
* Container for beverages (21 and older are permitted to drink responsibly on-site in covered containers)

* Cash, Check for on-site vendor booths
* Your Playa Bicycle if you want to bike around the venue (car driving during the retreat is discouraged)
* Any music CDs you may want to share/gift/donate
* Hoop Tape scraps to donate to the community intention tandem hoop. If you make hoops, bring the scraps of tape you have that are still useable. We'll cut them into various length sections to decorate the hoop and put the intentions on the inside.
* Any items you may want to gift or trade
* Business Cards to share
* Old props to trade during the Prop Swap


Disclaimer:: YOU are responsible for ALL of your personal items - please store or lock away any valuables, to prevent any possible theft situations from arising. Out of sight, out of mind.



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