Poi, Meteor
*Chris Kelly
*Johnnyjuan Guardiola

*Johny Douglas

*Sir Lorq

*Nicky Evers

*Noel Yee

*Tommy Sahn

*Yaron Randy Siev

*Caterina Sutton
*Danielle Odette
*Evan Davis
*Emily Jane Perkulator

*Frank J Olmstead
*Kenya Fluorescente
*Matt Poretta

*Michael Hayataka
*Nick Guzzardo
*Ninja Hoops (Marria & Zach)

*Rico Titou
*Twisted Orbit (Steve Bags & Valentina)

Contact Staff and Dragon Staff
*Jameson Peligro

*Kyle Owen
*Mik Phil

*Randy Lee Schless

*Amy Wieliczka

Club Manipulation and Double Staff
*Brian Thompson
*Jonah DiGirolamo
*Lucas Aguirre

*Michael Cercone

*Wyatt Davis

Fans and Flow Wand

*Mel Blue

*Angela Sheehan
*Stephinity Salazar

*Megan Snapdragon


*Cassey McKenney
*Cindy Marvell
*Mark Stampfle

*Mckenzey Brooke Simper
*Boulder Circus Center Juggling Club Representatives



*Nina Swati

*Don Blossom


Instructors are added up until the event.
If you applied and have not yet received a response - email us.



Join us in Inglis Hall on Friday night performance showcase of instructors

media team

Take 16 or 60 seconds to spin in front of a media team or volunteer and we would love to showcase you on Instagram and YouTube!


Featured 2015

The final workshop schedule will be availabe On-Site.
A tenative schedule is available on Google Docs. Below are some featured workshop names and descriptions.


((HOOP)) Rico Titou: "ManiPOOHra balance & motion"


((POI)) Nicky Evers:

1."No Beat Tosses": This workshop will dive into the fabulous world of doing more by doing less with your Poi! Beginning with an exploration of how to use coordinated and relaxed body movement to initiate tosses, we will then break down the techniques for the basic types of No Beat Tosses. We will learn how to connect them, train them, and finally communicate and develop them using a No Beat Notation system.

2."Musicality and Speed with Poi": This class emphasizes dance technique with a focus on rhythmic speed control and synchronization of movement to music. These elements combine with body-focused techniques and theory to help people move gracefully with their prop, consistently find their zone, and choreograph efficiently. This class will focus on Poi Spinning, but people with other props could still find the class useful.

3."Poi Chi": This workshop will focus on exercises that explore body mechanics, posture, inertia, and coordination for Poi spinners. Students of all levels will gain simple techniques and principles to encourage spinning to be more relaxed, graceful, grounded, and smooth.



1. "Intro to Oxbow Meteor/Puppy Hammer"; go over poi/arm/shoulder/meteor mode, captures/escapes contact frame work.


((CONTACT BALL)) Mark Stamptfle: "Intro to Body Rolls" All the basics you need to begin body rolls."Intro to Isolations" All the basics you need to learn all the Isolations.


((HOOP)) Frank Olmstead: "Beginner Wedgie Hoopla": begginer escalators and wedgies. "Advanced wedgie variations." advanced variations, entrances and exits


((HOOP)) Kay Dent: "Feet are the new Hands!" Foot hooping workshop suitable for all levels, tricks and improve your flow when foot hooping.


((HOOP)) Matt Poretta: "A Totally-Non-Intimidating Intro to 4 Hoops", "4 Hoop Workshop: Maneuvering Through Space with 8-Shapes"


((DRAGON STAFF)) Mik Phil: "How to set up an escape that's trap." There are always two points of contact with traps. I will exsplain an break down how to use these points. "Stop cheating death an defeat it!" In this class I'll run over all the basic transitions an show how you can use them in everyone's favorite move cheating death. "Groundwork" Here I will show basics an fundamentals of groundwork to get everyone started spinning the d on their butt!


((CLUBS, DOUBLE STAFF, YOGA)) Jonah DiGirolamo: "Intro to double staff flow" In this course we will play some games to try to help develop the flow state. We will discuss the idea of a flow arts practice and, we will cover the basic movements, timing and directions for double staff. "Laughter yoga" An exercise wherein the number one thing we are practicing is laughter. "Club tech; thinking in grids." Do you have an idea of the basic motions in the Vulcan Tech Gospel? Need more space to play? This class may be for you. Many spinners use grids to help chart out patterns and shapes. In this class we will examine a series of grids and how they all fit together. Starting two dimensional and ending with full 3-D shapes.


((YOGA)) Don Blossom: "Balance Breathe and Bend with Blossom" A vinyassa movement based class using pranic breathing techniques that assist in expelling toxins and waking up the endocrine and nervous systems.


New Event

2015 Instructor Application


New Event

The Healing Team is here for Everyone

Included in participants Spin Summit event ticket is a mini-healing-session with our healing team (what and who you work with is your choice and first come first serve schedule availability). They are here to help give you focused attention. If you decide you would like to reserve additional time with them, please arrange with them and agree on the terms. Mini-session not included with Day Passes.


Visit the ice house in front of Ponderosa Lodge, the back room inside Inglis Hall, or please take a walk down to the Labyrinth and visit the Healing House.


Massage, Reiki, Energy Healing, and Yoga.


2014 Healing Team:


*Amanda Atkinson
Love of the Earth:: Cheyenne, Wyoming
Reiki, Meditation, Reflexology, Custom Jewelry, Healing Tools

*Cally Chavez

Creative Healing:: Cheyenne, Wyoming

Mind, Body & Spirit Wellness through Massage Therapy

*Bex Burton

Sense of Motion:: Boulder, Colorado
An Oasis for Joyful Wellness through Movement


*Nicholas Pegram
:: Boulder, Colorado
Massage Therapist

*Nick Guazzardo

:: Denver, Colorado
Thai Massage

*Daniel Donovan-TechnoShaman (and his team)
Be Free Healing:: Shamanic Boom Dome:: Fort Collins, CO
Creators of the dome with live art gallery, chakra sound activation ceremony, shamanic breathwork, chakra classes, workshops


*Christina Buster
::Denver, Colorado
Creator of Alter space and Cuddle Puddle in Inglis Hall


*Tracy Knowles

Synronicity Massage:: Denver, Colorado
Hot Stones, Acupressure, Myofascial Release, Cranial Sacral Therapy, Energy Healing, Yoga

2015 HEALING TEAM Application


New Event

Daily Workshop Schedule posted around the venue and at check-in

Workshops on many different flow art props are taught throughout the event. We welcome all skill level participants to the Spin Summit. Instructors travel across the country to share knowledge about a wide variety of flow arts, object manipulation, dance, and body movement.

Formal workshops and casual jams are perfect containers to learn, practice, and share. All workshops are included in your event ticket. Day passes are available for commuters.

Thank you to all instructors and participants who share knowledge at the Spin Summit in Colorado!!


Schedule Format

Time Blocks::

7-8am: Yoga

8-9am: Yoga

9-9:45am: Breakfast Break

10:15-11:30am: Workshop Block 1

11:45-1pm: Workshop Block 2

1-1:45pm: Lunch Break

2-3:30pm: Workshop Block 3

3:45-5pm: Workshop Block 4

5:15-6:30pm: Workshop Block 5

7-7:45pm: Dinner Break

8-9pm: Group Activity

9-2+am: Inglis Hall Late Night Music Jams


Workshop Locations::

Detailed locations will be on the posted schedule. The main indoor workshops spaces are Inglis Hall and Ponderosa Lodge. The main outdoor spaces will be labeled at the event. See Venue Map.



The full event pass includes ALL workshops for the entire event. *RECOMMENDED*


Day passes are available for those who can only attend one day of the event or are only planning to attend a specific workshop during the weekend. Day passes are good from sunrise to sunset and does not include meals or overnight accommodations.

Prop USE

Bring ALL of your props to the event. If you have extras to share, please do! Many workshop instructors will have a class set of props available for use and for sale during their workshops instead of having an official vending booth. The vending village will have props for sale as well. Please ASK before using someone else's prop, but do ask if you see a prop you want to try!


Participants attend workshops at their own risk and take full responsibility for their health and decision to excersize using the flow arts and object manipulation. Listen to your body!


All participants agree to the full waiver upon purchase of an event pass or day pass.




Practice ChallengeS

Special Eve

Be Inspired to Practice, Learn, and Grow - Let us Guide Eachother
Spin Every Day. Try a New Prop. Create New Neural Pathways.

Formal workshop instruction and informal community sharing can leave a powerful impact on your life. There is a great inspiration to practice when we work together.


Join us! Enjoy practice sessions with the following intentions and See what develops!


Month 1: Flow & Dance

Month 2: Out Flow


Month 3: Secondary Prop Play


Month 4: Body Awareness


Month 5: Tosses


Month 6: Turns


Month 7: Body Rolls


Month 8: Isolations


Month 9: Flowers & Anti-Spin


Month 10: Lite Touch


Month 11: Hybrids


Month 12: Partner Play


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Private Lessons

Special Eve

Learn One-On-One From The Instructors. On-site or On-skype.

ON-SITE: Utilize the opportunity to learn from inspirational instructors during the event. This is an additional option that you and your favorite instructor can set up. We encourage this method of supporting instructors and hiring a half hour or hour long private lesson. We recommend $1/minute as a fair rate for booking private lessons.


ON-SKYPE: Utlizie the power of the internet and learn over Skype!

Book a virtual lesson with a Spin Summit instructor and learn from your living room. Contact Us and coordinate with the Spin Summit to specify the instructor, prop, skype setup, day/time/duration. We are happy to facilitate knowledge exchange!